Monarch 40 HDTV Indoor Antenna Black

HDTV Indoor Antenna (color: black)

Want to receive all the available over-the-air TV channels with excellent quality, absolutely for FREE?

If yes, then look no further as RGTech’s Monarch Indoor HDTV Antenna product range is the perfect choice. Designed to pull in HD, digital and analog signals from up to 40 miles away and from all directions, this breakthrough design antenna outperforms traditional antennas and it is fully compatible with all free-to-air digital TV and radio stations providers and any digital TV.

Color Black:

Ideal for dark walls or furniture mounting


Image Quality


  • Delivers HD Broadcasts including 4K and 1080p to any digital-ready TV.
  • Allows you to watch your Freeview HD shows with unprecedented image quality!



Works Anywhere


  • Works at homes, areas of the house that are not cable or satellite connected, office, car, caravan, yacht.
  • Allows you to position at the most desired spot with the 10ft long coaxial cable and double coated removable foam tapes provided.


Signal Reception Technology


  • True 40-mile range with integrated Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Technology that boosts reception.
  • Receives HD/UHF/VHF/FM/DVB-T/DAB Radio.
  • Integrated 4G Filter that eliminates interference by 4G mobile phone signals.

stylish, easy & risk-free



  • Flat, thin, discreet and stylish design that looks nice anywhere at home.
  • Plug and Scan easy installation.
  • No power supply required.
  • Risk free purchase for testing the suitability in your area with the 30-day money back guarantee and the five (5) year warranty period.

Engineered & designed in the USA…


…by the 23 patents holder and NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame scientist, Dr. Argy Petros, these patent pending antennas transform space technology into a commercial product that gives you the chance to watch TV EVERYWHERE with superb clarity, for FREE. RGTech’s patent-pending Monarch Indoor HDTV Antennas are among the very first antennas that incorporate Ultra-Wideband Technology (UWB). UWB is a technology usually applied in radars, which achieves high bandwidth. This revolutionary technology combined with the multi-directional reception ability and the integrated 4G filter, which eliminates interference by mobile phone signal transmitters, allows our antennas to produce an image output on your TV screen which is simply astonishing.

40 hdtv antenna – black


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A monarch hdtv antenna is unique


This high-tech antenna has greater bandwidth than existing HDTV Antennas available in the market. It utilizes similar technology to an antenna developed by Dr. Argy Petros for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) used in remote sensing applications. The flat, razor-thin, portable, light weight and sophisticated design of the Monarch Antenna range allows you to install them anywhere with ease, indoors and outdoors, and more importantly without requiring any tools, giving you the flexibility to plug the antenna into your home TV, place it on a window pane or wall, hide it behind a curtain, take it with you during a trip with your caravan or RV, use it while on camping or on your boat and yacht.

Why spend money & time on conventional aerials?


RGTech’s New Generation Antennas are here and promise that you will never look back! Just plug the Monarch antenna in, tune your TV and enjoy Free HDTV at superior quality everywhere with the best digital reception HDTV Antenna.